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Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Can non-romantic acts be more intimate than sex?

This was the hot topic question posted on a recent episode of the daytime talk show, The Real. While the hosts agreed that kissing could be more intimate than sex, co-host Loni Love was brought to tears as she recalled how her partner makes her a cup of coffee on Sunday mornings. I don’t know if a cup of joe trumps sex, but I understood her point. Certain acts warm the heart, deepening connections between individuals that are greater than sex. For me, it’s about feeling seen. On a recent date, a gentleman placed my leg across his lap. He gently cradled my right foot and then examined the scar that runs down the center. I was shook-ith! Two summers ago I was in a car accident. My foot took the brunt of the impact; my dreams of playing professional football were shattered. I experienced a Lisfranc fracture. Never before have I witnessed ER nurses gasp while examining an X-Ray. One said, “Dang girl, you broke every toe!” This type of injury has sidelined a number of professional athletes’ careers. The bones down the middle of my foot were dislocated and I experienced several fractures. Accordingly, for a man, whom I’ve only known for a short time, to touch and caress my foot... well I swooned a bit.

Can you think of any swoon-worthy experiences unrelated to sex?

—I’m not big on surprises but my heart may skip a beat if someone unexpectedly gifted me the Chanel bag that I’ve had my eye on.



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