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Underwear on Bed

the LOVE series

a debut novel

Love, Rebooted

Office worker rests legs on laptop in office_edited_edited.jpg

            Jaz, a reclusive tech CEO thinks nothing can be worse than a sexy stranger walking in on her when she’s half-naked, playing dress-up in a lingerie store. No way can he find out who she really is! She won a prestigious new business award and a quarter of a million dollars. The last thing the sought-after, young brand consultant needs is to go viral. “CEO drops it like it’s hot!”

            Still, Jaz falls for the hunky hotshot attorney who assumes she’s an exotic dancer. Embarrassment is the least of her worries, however, when she learns his job depends on finding and hiring the real Jaz. To further complicate matters, her recently paroled jerk of an ex-boyfriend returns lured by news of her good fortune. When he resorts to blackmail, Jaz must fight not only for her hard-won success but also for her three-year-old cousin, the child he abandoned, whom she raises and plans to adopt.

a novella

Love's Tempest

I got up early to take photos of the sun

Rose Mary is overdue for a vacation and more than happy to fly to a Caribbean resort to vet a potential client for her kid sister who’s eight months pregnant and unable to travel. The last thing Rose Mary expects, however, is a private island overrun with swingers. The resort owner assures Rose Mary he’ll have her on the first flight off the island, but a tropical storm may have her stranded with the handsome billionaire. 

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