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Am I still invited to the cookout?

Updated: May 11, 2022

Although African Americans have a shared ancestral history rooted in slavery, they are not a homogeneous group. Still, there are certain things Black people are expected to know. Certain experiences Black people are supposed to have before thirty years old. Otherwise the race looks bad and a person's "blackness" is called into question. In fact, an invisible black card can be revoked. Heck, in 2015 a card game of the same name was released. "Black Card Revoked" celebrates African American pop culture. Players are quizzed on their knowledge of nostalgic trivia. Well... um, may I still come to the cookout if the following things are true?

  • I don't like the taste of watermelon.

  • I can't jump double dutch. I also can't hula hoop to save my life.

  • I don't know how to play Spades. Or Pitty Pat; or Tonk.

  • I can't recite the lyrics to Juicy.

  • I chose a predominately white college over an HBCU and I'm okay with it.

  • My twerking sklls are lack lustre at best.

  • I like my natural hair the way it grows out of my head and I have no desire to perm it.

  • I've never eaten chitterlings.

  • I can't sing.

  • While I've probably seen every Spike Lee movie ever made, I've never seen or read Sounder or Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry. Nor have I read Toni Morrison's Beloved or seen the film adaptation.

  • I prefer pumpkin pie over sweet potato pie.

I embrace my truths. Not having the same interests or tastes as the majority makes me, well... me. Since I shared my list, it's your turn. Name three things that are stereotypically associated with the culture/ethnicity with which you identify but you're too embarrassed to admit. I'll wait....


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